How to Import HTML Bookmarks to Safari?

If you’ve recently switched to Safari from some other browser, you should know that there is a way to import bookmarks. Rather than bookmarking all the pages manually, you can simply import them from your old browser to Safari! You can do this from literally any browser, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.

Import HTML Bookmarks to Safari

In order to do it, first you need to go to your old browser and save the bookmarks in an HTML file. When done, simply open Safari and use the option “Import From File” to import all the bookmarks. If you want to learn how this is done, take a look at the steps below:

  • Step 1 – Open Safari browser
  • Step 2 – Click File in the top menu bar to open a drop-down menu
  • Step 3 – Hover the pointer over “Import From”
  • Step 4 – Once a new menu appears, choose “Bookmarks HTML File”
  • Step 5 – Find the HTML file with your bookmarks
  • Step 6 – Click “Import” and refresh the browser in order to see if the changes have taken place

If everything went in order, your Safari browser will not have all the bookmarks you had on your previous browser. However, if it failed to get ahold of them, the solution is to ask experts to help you deal with this problem. Because the cause of the issue might be a computer virus, it is important to contact Safari Australia and ask tech support guys to help you.

In order to get in touch with them, simply dial the toll-free safari phone number Australia 1-800-921-785. After telling them what’s wrong, the tech support agents will provide you with a solution. Apart from this particular problem, you can call them if you need assistance with many other issues related to this or any other web browser!

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